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Seconds (1966)

Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: Director John Frankenheimer Rating:7.4/10 (5 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by bassdrum on June 14th, 2004:Find all reviews by bassdrum
The late director talks about the film , why he used certain actors , technical details such as types of lenses used , but also mentions how those technical details add to the atmosphere of the film . The film itself is disturbing and I will not describe its subject , except to say it is well worth seeing - fans who may not rate Rock Hudson as an actor may rethink that after seeing it . The director seems to have done a few commentaries for his other films , including RONIN , THE FRENCH CONNECTION 2 and THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE . The commentary track was originally on the Laserdisc , which I have .
Reviewed by Elijah Sullivan on April 20th, 2005:Find all reviews by Elijah Sullivan
So few of the great directors of the previous generation have recorded commentaries that the several Frankenheimer tracks seem like minor miracles. Not a great track, this one, but marvelous to listen to. He had great stories to tell about the cinematographer, James Wong-Howe (and this certainly is a cameraman's movie). I was also tickled by his statement that he made this movie to vent his pent-up artsiness left over from his previous film, which was a little too "traditional". That film, of course, was "The Manchurian Candidate". Too funny.