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How High (2001)

Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: Method Man and Redman Rating: no votes yetLogin to vote or review
Reviewed by TedFFZ on February 3rd, 2007:Find all reviews by TedFFZ
Okay, the fact that this commentary manages to actually touch on any elements of the film, let alone these ridiculous ones, should tell you something. Method Man's work on HBO's "The Wire" is great, and Red Man seems nice enough . . . anyway:

#1. 39:46.
Method Man: "Watch me hit him in the head, like BOOK! Huhuh, they's like, "METH! DON'T MESS WITH THE EXTRAS!"
-Method Man describes how hard it is to hit an extra.
#2. 40:52.
Redman: "Yo, those two guys right there is crazy. Him, is a pure crazy motherfucker."
-Redman on acting with white people.
#3. 43:30.
Method Man: "Now here comes the - this is where I get to show my intelligence again and shit . . . and it took me about twelve takes to do this shit.
Redman: NOW, I wish I knew, what the fuck I was - (Laughs, mutters incoherently)!
Method Man (giggles): "You're an asshole, I'm an asshole, she's an asshole!"
Redman Laughs.
Method Man: Now, that right there just showed that there was more depth, to my character, than Nick, than, than what Meth-eh-AYYY! (suddenly somber) I don't know why people laugh at that part.
Redman: Because you sound real white.
Method Man: No, I don't.
-Method Man's going through a lot of pain and shit.

Meth also makes a point of giving props to the Props department (while acknowledging how stupid that sounds) and yelling at the Assistant Director for creating continuity errors ("Right in front of your face, damnit!"). Redman complains about his ashy legs, Method Man points out hidden nipples. He also demands they respect "Essence's Essence," calls some of the actresses playing hookers "men," compares Hector Elizondo to Ja Rule, and gets really upset when - ah, I have to do one more:
#4. 49:12.
Method Man: I don't get this part right here. Why do people be laughing at this part?! . . . Watch . . . Yeah. Why do they laugh at that?
Redman: What, "What an asshole?!"
Method Man: Yeah. That shit ain't funny to me.
Redman: They don't be laughing at that part.
Method Man: Yes they did laugh at that part.
Redman: "What an asshole?!"
Method Man: Yeah.
-Vladimir and Estragon, people.