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I'll Never Forget What's 'Isname (1967)

Commentaries on this disc:

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Reviewed by badge on January 14th, 2015:Find all reviews by badge
One of a handful of commentaries by Winner, in which he sounds like someone's uncle telling you about the home movies that he's playing - he's never lost for words and very enthusiastic. In the first hour he has a maddening habit of going on about how cheap the clothing in the film was - other topics repeated throughout are what kind of lovable-but-flawed person Oliver Reed was and an ongoing travelogue of London. However, he's so candid and jovial about it all that you can forgive him for hitting the same beats, and it's worth it just to hear his anecdotes about Orson Welles (because, basically, there can never be too many anecdotes about Orson Welles).