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Thou Shalt Not Kill... Except (1987)

Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: Screenwriter Bruce Campbell and writer/director Josh Becker Rating:7.1/10 (7 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by aph86 on November 22nd, 2006:Find all reviews by aph86
Josh is very informal and talks about writing and directing this movie. Bruce makes jokes and asked questions about making the movie.
Reviewed by TNAJason on December 20th, 2006:Find all reviews by TNAJason
Very good Hilarious and Informative commentary. Bruce Campbell's 2nd best commentary after Evil Dead 2. Recommended
Reviewed by frankasu03 on January 21st, 2013:Find all reviews by frankasu03
Agree with the above. Fans of Bruce, those crazy Raimi boys, and low-budget cinema will thoroughly enjoy this track. Director Becker is a wry individual himself, with lots of funny anecdotes about turning his earlier "Super 8" movie into this 1985 cult classic. Bruce chimes in very often with his experiences during the era, as he lent the filmmakers his garage while filming "Crimewave," and supplied some quality sound editing to the film. Tons of references to "Evil Dead," Sam Fuller films, and of course, the "3 Stooges!" Awesome commentary.