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Paper Moon (1973)

Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: Director/producer Peter Bogdanovich Rating:7.9/10 (14 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by Glenn Hopp on May 21st, 2009:Find all reviews by Glenn Hopp
This is really an excellent commentary. There are plenty of behind-scenes stories. It also talks a lot about style (scenes shot in deep focus and why, the use of long takes and why, the reasons for using Addie's point of view so often and for using black-and-white photography) and is always interesting in doing so. Why don't more filmmakers ever talk about the way they film this or that scene--where the camera is put and why? Bogdanovich does, casually but insightfully. His comment about the scene when Addie discovers in the car the newspaper obit, a box of Bibles, and a print kit while Mose at the same time is conning a lady at her front door into buying a Bible her recently deceased husband supposedly ordered for her explains that in the script the information was presented as two different scenes--the discovery by Addie and Mose's con. Bogdanovich combined them so that two things would be happening simultaneously in one scene. It enriches the thought. It shows the audience a "2" and then another "2," but lets them add it up. Nice.
Reviewed by Magneat-o on January 31st, 2015:Find all reviews by Magneat-o
Just heard this the other day. I really enjoyed Bogdanovich's stories about the shoot. Especially regarding Ryan and Tatum O'Neill and what they went through. He also reveals a lot of information on cinematography and directing.

There's also a couple of funny stories on receiving advice from Orson Welles.