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Donnie Brasco (1997)

Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: Director Mike Newell Rating:7.4/10 (5 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by teewinot on May 28th, 2005:Find all reviews by teewinot
I am surprised no one has reviewed this commentary yet. If you are an actor, as I am, you would find this commentary very informitive. Basically, the director, Mike Newell, guides you through a fairly in depth examination of what makes pacino's and depp's performances so compelling. Newell, really has an eye for acting, which I don't think all directors have, and he shares it generously with us. It is not to be missed!

rating: 9
Reviewed by Bickle, T. on July 23rd, 2009:Find all reviews by Bickle, T.
I completely agree with the previous post. Newell is a great speaker who has nothing but compassion and earnest praise for his actors. He’ll make you notice things you never saw in the film before. He’s also pretty damn funny.
Reviewed by Station51 on February 11th, 2016:Find all reviews by Station51
Newell conducts this commentary with a sort of smug delivery that's a little off putting. He seems to really enjoy his movie. The thing that's annoying is his play by play and reacting as if he's watching the movie for the first time. It's a bit like watching a movie with an animated, overbearing uncle who laughs at things that aren't that funny. I kept getting put off by his big sighs and swooning noises and loud unexpected outburts. He doesn't say something funny and then laugh, he just starts laughing raspily and you have to wait for him to explain why, if he cares to. I found him relentlessly annoying.
Like the previous reviewers say he does appreciate acting and points out some fine points. The problem is he just doesn't make the commentary really engaging because he has a boring personality. Boring as in drilling a hole, into the listeners skull.
Reviewed by musíl65 on December 20th, 2019:Find all reviews by musíl65
I also completely agree with the other posts. Newell talks without any gaps. His focus is on the actors. There are a lot of information about the acting of Pacino. Very good. The locations, the script, the DP, the research and the music are also topics.

He is a good speaker and very good prepared. The track is not very technical. A solid commentary. 8 out of 10.