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Police Story (1985)

NOTE: This commentary is available on the R2 Hong Kong Legends version, and the R4 Universal version.

Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: Hong Kong film expert Bey Logan Rating:9.5/10 (2 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by Tonester on April 16th, 2006:Find all reviews by Tonester
In time, Hong Kong Legends Bey Logan will become to Jackie Chan what Sir Christopher Frayling is to Sergio Leone, the ultimate superfan!

Unlike Frayling, Logan manages to do it without looking for scholarly themes or motifs, but he can tell you just how long two stuntmen were hospitalised for after going through the front windows of a double decker bus.

Having told us this, he explains that Jackie is not a heartless man for letting the cameras roll on said screen until it finishes -"Jackie's view is that if they had to reshoot the scene, another two guys might end up in hospital!"

As such, the commentary is as infectious and free wheeling as the film, one of Chan's best. If you haven't seen the film, get it now, and after a few screenings with a silly grin on your face, make some time for Logan's musings.