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Mindhunters (2004)

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Reviewed by iwantmytvm on May 6th, 2020:Find all reviews by iwantmytvm
Renny Harlin is always good for an enthusiastic commentary. He jumps right in to point out that they modified the Intermedia production logo to fit with the opening titles, which they designed in-house. The visual effects were also created in-house, rather than outsourced, which saved money but also made the process more organic. Even though he was pleased with the digital edit of the film, Harlin is cautious about too much digital replacement for actors. There was a lot of digital manipulation in creating the look of an island that did not exist.

The film sat on the shelf for 3 years prior to release. During production, the forensic techniques depicted were more cutting edge but in the meantime, many more FBI profiler shows surfaced. They toured Quantico and had some FBI collaboration. In doing research, they discovered that forensics techniques in reality are not as sophisticated as depicted in film and tv, especially for local law enforcement.

He describes filming on location in the Netherlands, where the police training facility existed. The dorm building had been used for communications with Indonesia in the colonial era.

The production designer had a very refined attention to detail as he had previously worked restoring fresco paintings.

Harlin speaks to the participation of the many producers on the film, many of whom have gone on to bigger and better things.

Harlin disputes the preceding reputations of being difficult that Val Kilmer and the Director of Photography brought to the film. They were not difficult at all. Late in production, they realized that the score did not fit, so they changed the composer very late in the game.

Harlin points out his own cameo, as well as that of the flag of Finland.

Clearing product brands and songs for children to use in a serial killer film was quite difficult so they had to create their own.

He attempted to recut the film for a PG13 rating but this was still denied by MPAA, as they felt the film still had too dark a tone, so they re-added the excised elements.