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Eyes of Laura Mars (1978)

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Commentary 1: Director Irvin Kershner Rating:6.7/10 (3 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by petershelleyau on March 26th, 2012:Find all reviews by petershelleyau
Kershner is scene-specific and describes narrative but it isn't as annoying as others because he can be funny and charming. Otherwise he comments on the cast, performance, character, photography, and sets and locations. He tells how he had originally turned the film down because he was unhappy with the script, and that even after bringing in two new writers, remained concerned during shooting. His major concern was the problem of the killer, since those that have seen the film know, is also the romantic lead, and that Kershner wanted to ensure that a second viewing of the film would allow viewers to see hints of his later revealed pathology. He discusses working in the thriller genre, the level of blood and violence used in murder scenes, and the contextual use of nudity. He also reveals how one scene was improvised and blocked by the actors, and how he likes to repeat imagery for a second different meaning eg the use of shattered glass.