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Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966)

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Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: Actors Christopher Lee, Barbara Shelley, Francis Matthews, and Suzan Farmer Rating:8.0/10 (1 vote) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by badge on December 18th, 2012:Find all reviews by badge
If you're getting confused with all these Hammer Drac films, this is the one where Christopher Lee doesn't speak, only hisses...which he more than compensates for in this group commentary! Early in the piece, Lee dominates the track with a spiel that goes on uninterrupted for about ten minutes and it seems that the others aren't going to get a word in edgeways for the duration, but fortunately he comes to a conclusion and the rest of the commentary is more casual. The cast have a jolly time remembering things, forgetting things, making observations, talking over the top of each other and just being all together in the same room decades later. In fact, the banter between the participants makes it feel more like we're eavesdropping on a group of people watching a movie than a pre-arranged commentary - they're still nattering as the credits finish, leaving an abrupt end to the recording. Ironically, they come across as having much more personality on this track than any of them ever did in the actual movie. Those who like their commentaries academic or analytical won't get much out of this, but for those fond of Hammer and its players, there's enough warmth and spirit in this track to go around.