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Fantastic Four (2005)

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Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: Actors Ioan Gruffud, Jessica Alba, and Michael Chikilis Rating:6.9/10 (7 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by pat00139 on October 3rd, 2007:Find all reviews by pat00139
A cute commentary, the trio do a nice job of having fun. There aren't too many insights, but it's a lot of fun to listen to. They gush over the effects, Vancouver and the fun Chris Evans had on set.
Reviewed by Hungry Baz on March 30th, 2013:Find all reviews by Hungry Baz
So-so. There's an awful lot of praising like most cast commentaries. Michael talks about his love for the comic book, how he needed a cloak to hide him from the Press. He also talks about how he had a run in with an extra. They mention how crazy Julian McMahon was, Jessica talks about how she had a kidney infection in the scene where Von Doom proposes to Sue and Juilen kept doing a Dr Evil voice and was making her laugh which didn't help her fever.

They mentioned how Chris Evans improvised all his dialogue.
Reviewed by TylerMirage on June 29th, 2016:Find all reviews by TylerMirage
It's a shame that Chris Evans couldn't have been part of the commentary. Just doesn't feel right when only three of your Fantastic Four are together.

A pretty fun and casual track. They talk about how much fun they had, filming in Vancouver, parts of the movie that were surprises to them (because they weren't there for said scene), etc..
Reviewed by SharkmanReviewer on November 10th, 2023:Find all reviews by SharkmanReviewer
Jessica Alba, Ioan, and Michael do a fun job of commentating throughout the movie. Whether it was about how they felt during certain scenes or discussing how they went about shooting the scenes and making the special effects work. It is too bad that Chris Evans wasn’t a part of the commentary crew as well since it would have been interesting to hear his insight about many parts in the movie. Unfortunately, there is only three instead of four of the main cast members involved in this commentary.

One of the most unique parts in the commentary was when Jessica Alba talked about the scene they shot on the Brooklyn Bridge after the Thing caused a traffic pileup by accident. She noted that she hated the scene where she had to turn invisible in order to sneak past the police and passerby in order to get to Ben. But her clothes would not turn invisible with her. As a result, she had to strip off all of her clothes in order to be completely invisible only to accidentally reappear when she was down to only her underwear… Much to her embarrassment!
Jessica noted that they added that scene into the script after they hired her and right before they shot it. She wasn’t too thrilled when she read that she was going to be stripping. And said she was embarrassed that she just happened to be wearing matching bra and panties under the clothes she was wearing to film the scene which she didn’t intend for the cast and crew to see her in. She described what she was wearing as a lined bikini/underwear. But noted that shooting that scene was the worst day of her life due to it being cold on set wearing nothing but her underwear and having to spend a long duration of her day filming that scene multiple times and getting the invisibility special effects for it just right. Michael and Ioan laughed during her commentary about it claiming she handled it all well.