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Lucky Number Slevin (2006)

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Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: Director Paul McGuigan Rating:5.3/10 (3 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by Agressor on July 3rd, 2007:Find all reviews by Agressor
Though this commentary is essentially a pretty run-of-the mill effort, a couple of things drags it down for me. First of all I had major trouble hearing what the director said due both to his Scottish accent and to his tendency to mumble. Second, the original sound of the film, which can be heard in the background all the way through, is out of sync with the picture wich makes for a very distracting experience. Third, the director sounds really bored during the commentary, making it difficult to keep the attention for the 105 m. running time. And my mind DID start to wander a couple of times during while listening.

That said, McGuigan keeps a steady pace throughout, and his anecdotes covers a wide range of movie-related topics. Unfortunately he tells them in such an apathetic manner that it does'nt really hold my attention.

Favourite bit: When he explains how the idea for the story came to the writer, who used to walk down a specifik street and see these opposing buildings, sparking the idea that, what if, those buildings were occupied by two rival gangsters.
Reviewed by grimjack on November 18th, 2020:Find all reviews by grimjack
I liked this commentary quite a bit more than the previous review. He talks about all the right things throughout the commentary, is often amusing, and when not, is still very informative. He is not energized by the film, but you can tell how proud he is of the final product, and how much he appreciated the extra things actors brought that he did not see in his mind.

I would say it is definitely well worth listening to if you liked the film. (And you should have!)