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Taps (1981)

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NOTE: This commentary is only available on the 25th Anniversary Special Edition.

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Commentary 1: Director Harold Becker Rating:7.5/10 (2 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by frankasu03 on December 17th, 2015:Find all reviews by frankasu03
A very subdued, if leisurely track by Director Becker. Harold doesn't let too much action pass by, without at least some bit of production information, or reiteration of the film's theme. The story about casting the young leads, 3 of whom obviously would continue on to great stardom, is quite fascinating. Hutton (fresh off a nom and win for "Ordinary People" ) and Penn had some bonafides, but the energy of a young Tom Cruise catapulted the fledgling actor into one of the lead roles. Stories abound about filming at the Valley Forge Military Academy, the real bond that the cadets/actors forged, and numerous praise is given to the crew throughout. I would have liked to know what aspects were abandoned from the initial script by Robert Kamen ("The Karate Kid"), or how the ending was received by the studio (or in subsequent "test screenings"). But, overall, Becker provides a fairly solid solo commentary. Extra credit for "spotlighting" some lesser known actors, who would continue to work for the coming decades. Such names as Evan Handler, and Giancarlo Esposito deserve some mention, and the Director doesn't leave them out. 7/10