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The Tomb Of Ligeia (1964)

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NOTE: The Shepherd/Del Valle commentary was originally on the Image Entertainment laserdisc; Corman's commentary is new to the MGM Midnite Movies DVD.

Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: Director Roger Corman Rating: no votes yetLogin to vote or review
Reviewed by indio10 on November 18th, 2012:Find all reviews by indio10
Roger Corman's audios always have something to add, talking in a nice slow, delivery, he appears very comfortable talking about his films. This is,to me,a little bit better than most...I think he's
better talking without someone in the room. He remarks very well
about his camera placements, and his compositions, pointing out
facts any film student would appreciate.., Corman to most
people is like an old Uncle, who spooked us, and entertains us thruout the years..During one clip, he remarks..."Here in this scene I just wanted to scare the audience a little." Much infomation and
like sitting next to him in the dark as he ponders the film.
Commentary 2: Actor Elizabeth Shepherd and film historian David Del Valle Rating: no votes yetLogin to vote or review