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Rocky (Collector's Edition) (1976)

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NOTE: These commentaries are only available on the 2006 Collector's Edition DVD. A different commentary track was available on the original Rocky DVD.

Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: Screenwriter/actor Sylvester Stallone Rating:7.8/10 (6 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by Buldrebisk on September 8th, 2009:Find all reviews by Buldrebisk
Pretty good. I love hearing Stallone talk about this masterpiece, and he does so with a calm and prescence that is very soothing. But there is something lacking on this track. He spends too much time talking about the motivation of the character, when I would love to hear more about things like how he came to write this and how it was for him to succeed. He never once mentions the oscars, or the other rocky movies, or how it affected his career. So good, but would have wanted more. 6/10
Reviewed by iwantmytvm on January 19th, 2020:Find all reviews by iwantmytvm
Stallone spends much of this track talking about character motivations, but also gives his thoughts on the iconic imagery in Philadelphia, the sides of beef sparring, the raw egg cocktail and the scenes that were reconceived during filming or the edit. He notes how happenstance worked in their favor much of the time and the budget of the film was so low that they could barely afford extras. Several times, Stallone mentions how the final bout was predicated by some fortunate predispositioning for his character, and how this is true for how some careers in the entertainment field develop and some do not.
Commentary 2: Trainer Lou Duva and commentator Bert Sugar Rating:7.0/10 (2 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by Buldrebisk on September 8th, 2009:Find all reviews by Buldrebisk
This is pretty odd. At times very funny, I laughed my ass off at a few of their remarks, and really enjoy the tone between them. Itís a warm, fun and entertaining track, but in terms of the movie it gets a little lost. I donít know much about boxing history, and these guys were dropping names and chatting amongst themselves for the first 20 minutes without ever really referring to what was happening on screen. But unlike most commentaries, this gets better as we go. When I think about it I really like this track, and after youíve spent two hours with them you get to love them, and they make you feel like you would want them as friends. 7/10