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Prince Of Darkness (1987)

NOTE: This commentary is only available on the Region 2 and Region 4 releases.

Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: Director John Carpenter and actor Peter Jason Rating:5.0/10 (1 vote) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by badge on June 13th, 2011:Find all reviews by badge
Nothing can match the John Carpenter/Kurt Russell series of commentaries when it comes to DVDs of the man's work, but actor Peter Jason gives it a good try. Having worked with Carpenter on a few films and obviously at ease with the director, the two of them share memories and anecdotes about the film with good-humoured rapport. There's no dead spots as one of them is always prompting the other with questions - Jason is particularly interested in how Carpenter actually *makes* movies, so a lot of info is revealed about the nuts and bolts of the process, from music to special effects, and without coming across as dry or dull. Carpenter obviously loves his job.
Reviewed by Pineapples101 on December 27th, 2012:Find all reviews by Pineapples101
Another great commentary from John Carpenter, this time with actor Peter Jason.
They mention that actor Victor Wong just died, so I assume this track was recorded 2001 - 2002.
Carpenter commentaries are amongst my favorites, he's obviously loves film and loves his work. There's an excellent rapport between Carpenter and Jason. The track is lighthearted and extremely informative. My only complaint is that it had to end, I could have listened to these two reminisce all day.