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Vantage Point (2008)

Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: Director Pete Travis Rating: no votes yetLogin to vote or review
Reviewed by iwantmytvm on November 14th, 2019:Find all reviews by iwantmytvm
Travis is thankful for the opportunity to have directed Vantage Point and provides his point of view for this point of view film. He notes that they tried to vary the shots, sound, music, and editing to differentiate the perspective of each character. They filmed mostly in Mexico and Mexico City as a replacement for Salamanca, Spain. For production realism, they asked a former president what it was like to be president, and the Secret Service for insights into some of their procedures. Thankfully, the Secret Service did not reveal everything.
Travis delves too much into plot details and character motivations at times, but towards the end, he doubles down on stunts and execution to finish out the commentary nicely.