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Tropic Thunder (2008)

NOTE: The filmmaker commentary track is only available on the Unrated Directors Cut Edition.

Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: Producer/director/actor Ben Stiller, and actors Robert Downey Jr. and Jack Black Rating:8.0/10 (11 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by SilentMewesDNG on May 28th, 2009:Find all reviews by SilentMewesDNG
This was one of my favorite commentaries of 2008. Jack Black shows up late for the commentary, but they don't start until he gets there. Robert Downey Jr. does almost the entire commentary as his character. Some people think this detracts from the entertainment value, but I completely disagree. Ben Stiller manages to keep a good balance between being informative and being entertaining. Jack Black gets a hamburger delivered and you get to listen to him eat. Not my favorite part. This commentary is definitely worth watching, just for the performance of Mr. Downey Jr. He manages several times to make me laugh out loud, which is rare. One of my favorite parts is the first 10 minutes of the film, especially when Robert's character enters frame for the first time. Funny stuff. Go buy and watch this now!
Reviewed by Gavin Millarrrrrrrrrr on September 26th, 2009:Find all reviews by Gavin Millarrrrrrrrrr
This is an extraordinary track with Robert Downey Junior making good on a line of dialogue in the film about staying in character until he's recorded the DVD commentary, and he duly talks about the making of the film but in the voice and language (and what language!) of his character(s) to produce a track that's at least as entertaining as the film if not moreso!
His co-commentators are equally impressed (especially at how he is able to pick up the character/voice so many months after the end of filming) and wisely allow Downey to dominate proceedings.
Stiller does contribute some background on the genesis of the project, casting, etc., but, next to the on-fire Downey anyway, comes across as rather serious and even a little dull.
Downey rightly garnered Oscar and BAFTA nominations for his work in the film and if there was an award for the Best Performance in a Commentary he'd be a shoo-in! Highly recommended.
Reviewed by rebtay on June 15th, 2010:Find all reviews by rebtay
This commentary track would actually have spoilers attached, it is that good. I would ask that those who have heard it don't spoil it for those who haven't yet but if you loved the movie, this commentary is as funny if not funnier than the movie itself. While Ben does try to keep it on track, the other two of course get on to tangents with Robert Downey Jr. occasionally springing a bit of that wisdom and wit among the jokes.

Some great stuff is revealed including where some of the best lines and ideas came from and for all you writer hopefuls out there need to know that the best comedy writers never stop writing, the screenplay isn't done until the premiere of the film! Also how much test audiences can affect a film, it was very interesting to see how much Stiller respects and takes in their feedback, probably why his films continue to be so popular where others who started in the 90's haven't been able to keep up with today's comedy tastes.

It was recorded the day of the premiere so before any knowledge of how the film would be received beyond audience testing, it is good to hear it from that perspective unlike on some DVD commentaries recorded later where people either justify or bask in self-praise.
Reviewed by mitchsn on January 16th, 2014:Find all reviews by mitchsn
True to form, Robert Downey Jr stays in character throughout the commentary until the point in the movie in which his character finally drops character. This commentary track is hilarious and entertaining! They rib Jack Black for being late because he had to stop off and get a 4x4 burger (CA residents will know where from).
Reviewed by Kilgore Trout on October 14th, 2014:Find all reviews by Kilgore Trout
Simply put, this is one of the most entertaining commentaries I've ever heard. Loads of information about the production itself, but the piece de resistance is Robert Downey Jr., who does 98% of the film in character. Since in the film he says that he doesn't drop out of character until he finishes the DVD commentary, and this is exactly what he does! A truly brilliant, informative and hilarious commentary!
Reviewed by Hungry Baz on March 25th, 2015:Find all reviews by Hungry Baz
I found this to be a bore. Yeah, Bob stays in character throughout, but the joke is about funny for 5 minutes and then gets dull. And the rest of the commentary is just typical praising.
Commentary 2: Producer/director/actor Ben Stiller, producer/writer/actor Justin Theroux, producer Stuart Cornfeld, production designer Jeff Mann, director of photography John Toll, and editor Greg Hayden Rating:7.5/10 (2 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by rebtay on June 15th, 2010:Find all reviews by rebtay
What is most interesting is knowing that Ben Stiller recorded this commentary with his behind-the-scenes colleagues right after recording the commentary with actors Robert Downey Jr. and Jack Black.

While he had to be the one keeping things on track with those two real-life characters in the booth, he is able to let loose a little here. It is also surprising how little is repeated, that is he ensures that if someone listens to both commentaries that they will not feel cheated or bored.

This film had lots of challenges, including having several different film looks needing to be achieved, as well as big action and big comedy scenes. Also the challenge of the whole film within a film thing. They go into the various ways that they took this on as well as some of the techniques they used but never get so technical that only people in their fields would know what they meant. You can tell they had a great time making the film and were looking forward to the big premiere later that night. Again, great to hear the information fresh before the commercial success happened.