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Blood Simple (1985)

Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: "Kenneth Loring" (played by Jim Piddock) Rating:6.5/10 (13 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by DrDetroit on June 15th, 2004:Find all reviews by DrDetroit
I put off listening to this commentary for a good couple months after having bought the dvd, because I thought it was another Criterion-style critical commentary, or one of those earnest-but-boring tracks by some production assistant who worked on the film. But this is a very hilarious 90 minute Coen Brother comedy routine played so dryly, and so effectively, that it's among my favourite commentaries. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by CBrachyrhynchos on September 1st, 2006:Find all reviews by CBrachyrhynchos
The commentary starts off as the dry and dull typical movie historian track, but gets more and more bizzare as time goes on as the fake commentator is obviously making things up to sound more and more impressive. "This was shot upside down and backwards," he announces early in the film. Midway, he fixates on a watch in the middle of a shot and spins a shaggy dog story about how the original script was a spy movie.
Reviewed by ArdentGuy on November 3rd, 2006:Find all reviews by ArdentGuy
Here was a golden opportunity for the Coen's or the DOP (Barry Sonnenfeld) to provide us with a plethora of informative filmmaking "behind-the-scenes" insights into the making of this wonderful thriller. Since Blood Simple was written, directed, and edited by the Coenís themselves, I was hoping for tons of fascinating tidbits. Instead, we are presented with 60ís-70ís TV actor George Ives portraying the fictional "Mortimer Young" (head of fictional film restoration company "Forever Young Films"). Donít get me wrong: this "joke" commentary is amusing. But the loss of a meaningful commentary on the Blood Simple DVD is a travesty and a huge disappointment for serious Coen fans.
Reviewed by rslarkin on December 21st, 2016:Find all reviews by rslarkin
The 2016 Criterion Collection edition of Blood Simple doesn't have a commentary per se, but it does contain a movie length extra in which the Coen brothers and director of photography Barry Sonnenfeld watch the movie and comment throughout. At times they stop the film and back it up to point out something in particular.

The conversation is very informative, especially since the Coens don't usually do commentaries and this was their first film.

There is another extra on the disk in which writer Dave Eggers questions the directors in detail about the film's genesis and production.