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The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (1990)

NOTE: This commentary is only available on the Region 1 release.

Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: Director Renny Harlin Rating:7.3/10 (7 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by frankasu03 on January 3rd, 2011:Find all reviews by frankasu03
Director Harlin gives some valuable insight behind this Cult film. If you can get past harlin's rather thick Finnish accent, some behind the scenes nuggets are your reward. Harlin points out some of the real Hollywood locations, dicusses the struggle he had in the films' tone, and tells some tales about the connection to "Die Harder." It was on this film he met Bruce Willis, with whom he would collaborate on the John McClain sequel. There's an interesting, if shallow, anecdote regarding his technique for casting extras. And an admonition to prospective actors making their way to Hollywood. The last comment seems out-of-place and the commentary essentailly ends after the 70 minute mark. Still, if you have a fondness for this off-kilter comedy, or just love the time-period and some of the "stunt" castmates, have a listen next to a bottle of Finlandia vodka. 6.5/10