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X-Men (2000)

NOTE: This track is only on X-Men 1.5 and in the "X-Men Collection" 2-pack (with X2). It is not on the original single-disc release of X-Men.

Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: Director Bryan Singer and extra/X-Men fan Brian Peck Rating:7.8/10 (19 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by Littlejerry 1.4 on June 17th, 2004:Find all reviews by Littlejerry 1.4
Bryan Singer is clearly not comfortable with the whole commentary process, but he does give some great insight on why this movie did what it did in the box office. He is very funny and Brian Peck is funny and kept the commentary interesting.
Reviewed by The Cubist on October 12th, 2005:Find all reviews by The Cubist
Singer talks at length about the themes of the film and how he got involved with the project. Of interest to film buffs, Singer mentions that Wolverine's first appearance in the movie was inspired by the Nepal bar scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Peck keeps things from getting too dry by cracking the occasional joke and occasionally prodding Singer with questions when there are lulls in the commentary.
Reviewed by Pineapples101 on July 21st, 2011:Find all reviews by Pineapples101
Excellent commentary. A bit slow at first, but once Singer and Brian Peck get going it's full of fascinating facts and anecdotes. Brian Peck does an excellent job quizzing Singer on various aspects of the films production and Singer's overall feeling on the finished film.
Reviewed by Agressor on August 25th, 2012:Find all reviews by Agressor
This is a really enjoyable track. I've listened to it twice; once when it was just released and once just recently and in fact it holds up better than the film itself, which feels somewhat dated. The two Bryans makes for a perfect commentary-combo, their relaxation and mirth are really infectious and they are always at their toes, swiftly transitioning between subjects without getting incoherent.

As Singer talks about X2 occasionally it also serves as a kind of film-historical document, I found it fascinating hearing his comments about the sequel while he was in the process of shooting it.

This commentary really covers everything you could wish for as a fan and is absolutely one of the best commentaries I've listened to.
Reviewed by sedna on September 26th, 2013:Find all reviews by sedna
Not a bad commentary. Good rapport, informative, entertaining. Singer said that he was influenced by the X-Men Animated series in approaching this film. Overall it does the job with the information and that's all one could ask for.
Reviewed by TylerMirage on May 18th, 2016:Find all reviews by TylerMirage
A really good track. Not much to add that hasn't already been covered by other reviewers.

It's a shame that Singer wasn't more comfortable doing the commentary, as I feel he really could've let loose with even more anecdotes and information.