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Repo Man (1984)

Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: Writer/director Alex Cox, executive producer Michael Nesmith, casting director Victoria Thomas, and actors Sy Richardson, Zander Schloss and Del Zamora Rating:8.2/10 (11 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by The Cubist on February 2nd, 2006:Find all reviews by The Cubist
This one of the all-time great commentary tracks. Listening to these folks it becomes quickly obvious that watching the movie again, after many years, is clearly a trip down memory lane for all involved as they fondly recall making the movie. Among some of the trivia dispelled: Chris Penn was originally cast as Kevin (clearly a prototype for Napoleon Dynamite) but that didnít pan out. Everyone talks about their problems with the studio (including the infamous TV version that they dubbed themselves with hilarious substitutes) and tell great stories as they laugh and joke on this thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining track.
Reviewed by stuartbannerman on October 30th, 2006:Find all reviews by stuartbannerman
its totally clear that all involved loved making this movie. Its a shame that Emilio wasnt involved in it but Alex and co spend the time watching the film and giggling their heads off at some of the lines and things from the making of the film. Recommended
Reviewed by frankasu03 on September 6th, 2015:Find all reviews by frankasu03
Agree with the above reviews. I've listened to this commentary half a dozen times now. One of the great "group" tracks, that benefits from the inclusion of "below the line" supporting actors. Zander Schloss remembers so much about "Repo Man," and freely recites the most famous quotes throughout. The "John Wayne Story" is given more background by Director Alex Cox, and the balance between production info and "riffage" is perfect. 9.5/10