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The Forgotten (2004)

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Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: Director Joseph Ruben and screenwriter Gerald DiPego Rating:6.2/10 (5 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by pat00139 on March 5th, 2007:Find all reviews by pat00139
These two guys are here but they donít really seem to want to be here. They give out some production stuff and actor stuff but mostly just narrate and explain scenes too much. I know what these guys are doing and why theyíre doing this, Iíve seen the movie and understand it. They do talk about how they tried to keep the movie realistic throughout, to counterbalance the Ďcockamamyí story. They mention locations and how they shot this scene or that, but mostly theyíre trying to fill in holes that really donít need to be filled it. They do give out a few funny jokes and keep the tone light, but more interesting bits of information pertaining to whatís off the camera rather than on camera would have satisfied me more.
Reviewed by The Cubist on March 6th, 2007:Find all reviews by The Cubist
I would totally agree with the above comments and add that they talk about specific plot points and character motivations. Itís a low key track that isnít all that engaging (a little on the dull side, actually) with the directorís voice capable of lulling one to sleep.
Reviewed by frankasu03 on August 8th, 2012:Find all reviews by frankasu03
Agree with the above commenters to a large extent. Director Ruben exhibits a very dry, sardonic sense of humor and spends alot of the track taking playful jabs at his screenwriter. I'm actually a big fan of films shot in this neighborhood. Apparently, all the references to "DUMBO" pertains to the area Down Under the Manhattan Bridge. There are a couple interesting tidbits that involve directing/editing in general, like working with birds using breadcrumbs rather than handguns. For "Dreamscape" fans, just FFWD to the 75 minute mark for a related story on that '80s gem. 6/10 for me
Reviewed by grimjack on September 28th, 2019:Find all reviews by grimjack
Low key is actually the right way to describe this commentary. And annoyingly was the 2nd one in a row I heard like this. There are some interesting moments, where they talk about how surprised they were that an effects shot looked so good. Or that an action beat worked better than they thought. But there is a feeling that the director is watching the completed film for the first time, as he is almost noticing things in the performances or sets that he hadnt yet. It is somewhat informative, certainly story-wise, since the movie will leave you with some questions, but it is hard to stay enthralled about the track while listening, and you might find yourself watching the film more than listening to the commentary.