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Finding Nemo (2003)

Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: Co-directors Lee Unkrich and Andrew Stanton, and co-writer Bob Petersen Rating:8.1/10 (24 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by space guy on July 23rd, 2004:Find all reviews by space guy
This commentary does a good job of covering what's involved in making a computer animated film. The participants do a good job of covering all aspects of this film and the featurettes are a good way to explain some of the more technical areas of this type of film making
Reviewed by directorscut on November 6th, 2004:Find all reviews by directorscut
The “visual commentary” label is deceptive as we don’t see the commentary participants as they commentate apart from the introduction. The visual aspects are featurettes that branch out to expand on the conversation points. They do feature good information but I wish it was implemented in the commentary as there are several points were it seems to cut off information from the commentary. The commentators will be talking about something but when we rejoin them they will be talking about something else. The branching also leads to a fragmented feel to the commentary. The commentary itself is good – mostly concentrating on the development of the story and narrative and the challenges it posed. There is a tendency to back-slap… and ironically near the end of the commentary one of the participants hypocritically that he hates when people do it, perhaps unaware that he himself has fallen into the trap many times previously. Another moment in the track that stands out is when one of them starts to eat a packet of crisps, presumably because he thought it would be funny. Suffice to say, it annoyed the hell out of me. Nevertheless, a good track that keeps going with no dry patches for its expanded two hour timeframe.
Reviewed by musíl65 on January 25th, 2016:Find all reviews by musíl65
The three guys do an excellent job. They talk about the story, the script, the animation, the voices, working at Pixar, the long process making this movie, the colours etc. The track is funny and full of information.

I like the little clips inside the commentary to illustrate a lot of the details. The part about a team member who passes away is very touching. The little clips interrupt sometimes the flow of the commentary and they talk about something totally different. The track is great.

All in all 9 out of 10!
Reviewed by Station51 on November 29th, 2016:Find all reviews by Station51
I was really surprised how good this commentary is. All the guys cover a wide range of material and are entertaining throughout. There are added recordings on the disc showing original concepts, excerpts added features and some of the actors from the movie. Really well worth listening to. The visual commentary that comes in ocassionally is an entertaining added feature as well.