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Basic Instinct (1992)

NOTE: These commentaries are only on the Collector's Edition release. Another commentary track was available on the Pioneer Special Edition laserdisc.

Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: Feminist critic Camille Paglia Rating:7.9/10 (14 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by space guy on July 23rd, 2004:Find all reviews by space guy
Paglia makes a good case for this film being a feminist statement. Some of here arguments are alittle tourtured but overall she's right on the money. This comentary is worth a listen and no matter if you agree or disagree with her the comentary will make you think.
Reviewed by Buldrebisk on September 11th, 2008:Find all reviews by Buldrebisk
Feminist Camille comes across as very knowledgeable about feminism. Having much to say with a lot of phychological analasys of the scenes and how the character is portrayed, I found myself very interested in what she was saying. At first it seems like this is going to be a full commentary with very little silence, but for the last half hour her comments are few. Her voice is also a little annoying, and even though she has a lot to say, she says it all with no enthusiams. She seems to be reading out loud from her notes. For the first 20 minutes she has some great points and does make you think. However, this line of thinking is surprisingly simple after a while, and nothing new that you couldn't see for yourself comes to light. The first 20 minutes or so are great, but overall the weaker of the two commentaries on this disc. 6/10
Commentary 2: Director Paul Verhoeven and director of photography Jan de Bont Rating:8.4/10 (21 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by space guy on July 23rd, 2004:Find all reviews by space guy
Verhoven delivers a great commentary. Not only does he discuss the film and it's controversy he talks about society in general. He's articulate and has much to say.
Reviewed by Buldrebisk on August 3rd, 2008:Find all reviews by Buldrebisk
Verhoeven and de Bont are great together and have plenty to say. de Bont mainly talks about how the shots were lit, and while his comments are fine, I feel like his purpose for being there is to make Verhoevens comments more spontanious as they do talk to each other in a very enthusiastic way with their different accents. Verhoeven dominates and does a great commentary for the first 2/3 of the movie. After that the interest and information he has to say decrease slightly and he focuses on why a character does what he does and less on any external information about the off camera action and controversy. Still, very good commentary, better than the laserdisc commentary with Verhoeven alone. 8/10
Reviewed by sedna on September 11th, 2012:Find all reviews by sedna
Agreed with the above review. Without regurgitating, I will say that the greatness of this commentary lies in the fact that Verhoeven and de Bont have great rapport, which stems from them being longtime friends and collaborators, since Verhoeven's first film "Turkish Delight". What I enjoyed about it the most is that it truly comes off as a case of "two friends watching a movie". If that's a selling point for you, go ahead and listen to this. They start off energetic, towards the end the comments are a bit spread out, but that's not too bothersome since the entire commentary is quite insightful. It's not a mystery to film fans, however, they both acknowledge and mention Hitchcock quite a bit and his influence on this film. All in all, very interesting, upbeat commentary. The enthusiasm shows, and if you're like me who finds Verhoeven's accent quite funny - you'll have a good time smiling all throughout when he speaksh. :D