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House of Games (1987)

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NOTE: This commentary track is only available on the August 2007 Criterion Collection release.

Commentaries on this disc:

Commentary 1: Screenwriter/director David Mamet and consultant and actor Ricky Jay Rating:7.7/10 (6 votes) [graph]Login to vote or review
Reviewed by The Cubist on September 12th, 2007:Find all reviews by The Cubist
These two old friends engage in lively philosophical discussions on a variety of topics, including why President Bush is such a terrible liar, the art of the con game and why psychiatry is a scam. They also talk about what makes drama work and how it ties in with the con game. Ricky Jay talks about the nature of the con and some of the lingo involved while keeping Mamet talking by prodding him with questions. Mamet is his usual blunt self as he constantly talks about how Orion messed up distributing the film in this engaging and thought-provoking commentary.
Reviewed by sedna on December 15th, 2012:Find all reviews by sedna
So I listened to this about two days ago. Just GREAT all around, I actually listened to this and Homicide, back to back - but there's no section for Homicide so I'll summarize both. David Mamet is just one funny intellectual. I love how he doesn't really give a fuck and curses when he wants to. He's incredibly insightful about the art of storytelling. A dramatist. Both House of Games and Homicide commentaries were recorded by Criterion and Homicide has Macy together with Mamet in one sitting. Both Ricky Jay, and Macy are longtime collaborators and friends of Mamet, and this makes for very loose, uninhibited style of conversations between both. House of Games they discuss quite a bit how drama and the art of the con and psychology are interrelated and hearing them talk about it was just fascinating. When you begin to look at it that way, it makes COMPLETE sense. Films, and narrative are trickery. On Homicide Mamet continues to talk about writing, and drama and directing. It's wonderful hearing insight from this man about the art of writing and filmmaking and what makes it even more special is how funny he is. I'm now going to track down every single one of his commentaries. He's amazing